What happened? Again.

Posted: November 6, 2017 in Uncategorized
A concerned part-time faculty member sent the below in to WWL:

The union is asking for a puny 2% increase. Sigh . . . . Cal Poly gets 7%. CCFT is “fighting” for 2. Is that so that when it gets the 2 it can say how hard it worked on behalf of faculty without having really put up a fight at all? Instead of asking for bread, the union begs and postures feebly to get a crumb, and then declares victory when a crumb is thrown at it. Am I growing more jaded about the whole thing?

Two large questions remain:

What happened to the differential for part-timers?
What happened to part-time parity that was promised to be addressed last year, October 2016 to be exact?

It’s interesting that our union is “threatening” to strike over a 1% difference between what the administration says it will pay and what the union is asking for. Really?! Now, striking for a difference of 6 points (1% and 7%) is something worth doing, but not a measly 1%. And who starts bargaining from an already compromised position? Surely the first step of bargaining is to plant a flag in higher territory and then only retreat to acceptable territory as negotiations progress. Negotiations 101. Come on!
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  1. Guest says:

    Thanks for posting WWL! Keep up the good work! I hear Madeline Mederios isn’t too popular.

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