Miscarriage of Justice for Allan Hancock Part-Time Faculty Member

Posted: June 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

Mark Miller, Part-Time Faculty Association president, speaking to the Hancock Board of Trustees.

I was able to attend Allan Hancock’s Board of Trustees Meeting earlier this month.  I came at the invitation of Mark Miller, president of the Part-Time Faculty Association, to stand in protest of the Board’s unjust firing of part-time faculty member, John Miller (Please see our previous post for details of the firing).  The board room was packed, and campus police were quietly positioned at the rear of the room.  I guess the administration was expecting “trouble.”  There was no trouble; there were only heartfelt, impassioned petitions to the Board to rescind the overturning of the arbitrator’s decision, which found for John Miller (no relation to Mark Miller).  Mark’s comments were powerful and courageous.  It was so heartening to see a roomful of part-time faculty coming together and standing united for a part-time faculty brother.

I asked Mark if the entire Board sided in favor of Miller’s firing.  He said all but one–Dan Hilker.  Hilker supported the arbitrator’s decision and stood in solidarity with the part-time faculty.  As we know, rarely does a trustee not stand in lockstep with the college president. Kudos to Dan Hilker.

Dan Hilker, trustee (in the middle), supported the part-time faculty’s position.

I learned something else at this meeting.  I hadn’t been aware that Hilda Zacarias was a Hancock trustee.  She looked very smug throughout the faculty public comment.  You know that look. If you go to enough Board meetings, you’ve seen that look. The one that says “I have to pretend like I’m listening, like I care, but, really, my mind is made up.”  Zacarias voted against the arbitrator’s decision–against justice for John Miller.  Truthfully, I was very surprised.  Never again will I support Zacarias for any public office.

Mark is an effective leader of the part-time faculty union.  I applaud his and the other part-timers’ courage in this matter.  Cuesta can learn a lot from them.

Hilda Zacarias, trustee (on the right), supported the college president’s position and voted for the termination of John Miller.

  1. Anonymous says:

    The police presence likely had more to do with the plan to consolidate the AHCPD and contract heir role to SBCSO. There was a subcommittee meeting on a Friday to discuss this. If you haven’t heard about it, look into it. It was streamed live to the AHC YouTube page.

  2. mimmsy123 says:

    Thanks for writing. I will check out the stream.

    I asked a person in the know before the meeting about the police presence. He said the college probably expected trouble, hence, my reporting it. The police did walk out when the protesters did, but they could very well have come back for the issue you speak of.

  3. Guest says:

    Yes, Mark Miller is well respected at AHC.

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