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The below is a call to action by the President of the Part-Time Faculty Union, Mark Miller.  A great injustice was done to a part-timer.  Although this is late notice, please join the action if you can.


Come to the Allan Hancock College Board of Trustees Meeting

5:00 Tuesday June 13, 2017

Board Room (Building B)

Justice At Hancock College


Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat to Justice Anywhere

In 2015 the Hancock Administration fired John Miller for bringing a pellet pistol on a wilderness hike in order to protect his students.

He obtained permission from his supervisor before putting it in his backpack and taking it along.

Nothing was done to the supervisor who gave John permission. But John was fired.

An arbitrator heard the case in January, 2017.

In April he ruled in John’s favor.

But on April 25, the Board of Trustees overruled this decision and imposed a decision of their own.

This kind of contempt for the rule of law and justice has to be protested.

Come and show your support for John and for justice! 5:00 Tuesday June 13, Building B, Hancock College

For more information call 805-352-0145