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A friend and English Department colleague wrote the below piece.  It is the most moving writing I’ve read in a long time.  It is honest.  It is poetry, actually.  This part-time faculty member has said more here about the lives and vulnerabilities of part-timers than a hundred committee reports and sympathetic articles and persuasive emails have.

Please listen to her.

Strapped for time.
Stressed out.
Freeway flying.
Barely making ends meet, so more stress.
Wondering whether next semester will yield any assignments.
Afraid of being bumped.
Afraid of being cancelled at the last minute.
Scrambling after having an assignment cancelled.
Filling in application after application, sometimes just to keep a part-time assignment.
Never getting interviewed for full-time positions.
Uncared for or about.
Some even homeless.
No connections with campus or administration or colleagues.
Desiring to help students outside class but unable to do so and be paid.
Paid 60% what a full-timer makes per hour if we’re lucky.
Forced to pay a union that doesn’t really represent us.

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