Efficiency: P.S.

Posted: May 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

The below should matter to you, folks.  Most or all the points in the below memo did not occur.  Or, if they did, the findings were not distributed to all faculty.

One last note: The union has, by the EERA, full authority with the district, over the Workload Committee.  CCFT has given away half of its power to the Senate, who has no legal authority to it.  This joins the Sabbatical Committee and Evaluations (and perhaps others) as articles in our contract that should be fully under the purview of CCFT but whose powers have been shared with the Senate.

Separation of legal powers is a good thing.  Weakening of the union is not.  I would say the same thing to the Senate: maintain your jurisdiction.


From an email from the CCFT president on February 27, 2015:

The Workload Committee: The Union and Senate Presidents met and agreed on the faculty appointees to the Workload Committee. Their names have been provided to the President’s office and are on the official Committee roster along with the VPAA and the three academic Deans as the District representatives. Kevin and I met with Deb Wulff on February 6 to discuss in more detail how this committee would function. Dr. Wulff assured us that the Committee would move slowly and deliberately. The initial meetings this semester would focus on developing processes for the Committee to follow. They would review historical data in assessing the target FTES/FTEF for each Division. The Committee will wait for the recommendations from the Curriculum Committee Class Caps Task Force. It is unlikely that the Committee would implement or propose any significant changes before next spring.  At best, this should be a College wide effort and each Division would have plenty of time to assess themselves.”

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