More Part-timers Speak Out

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Below are some of the comments we’ve received since the contract ratification vote.  These part-time faculty are exceedingly brave.  You can hear their voices.  I am particularly moved by the fact that one of the writers called me “Ms. Rossa.”  That showed such respect–and so unwarranted.  No part-timer should have to feel fearful of approaching full-timers as the equals they are.  Obviously, there is intimidation out there. If any other part-time colleagues wish to speak out, just send us an email.  You have the floor.  We’ll be proud to post your insights, anonymously or not.


“Dear Ms. Rossa,

Thank you for speaking up about these issues– I didn’t have the teeth for it although I wanted to!  Of course I voted ‘no,’ but I could not quite face my full-time colleagues with this fact.  I felt that many full-time faculty were surprisingly vehement in their conviction, and there wasn’t a lot of space for discussion.  Sadly, it seems that voicing an opinion ostracizes us, or at least, makes things very awkward.

Thanks again for all your information and support!”

–Marcia Harvey

Fine Arts


“Thank you for this posting, Marilyn.  Unfortunately, I was also one of the ones who was too late to enroll into the union to vote.  I went back and forth checking with people as I was sure I had done so when I was employed. (I do find it odd that there is no provision to allow for expediting enrollment for voting–after all, we don’t have to worry about voter fraud here.  Though, honestly, I’m not versed in all the union nuances.)

Lastly, I would support creating a separate CFT chapter. I never thought about the parity issue until all of this came up, but I am a part-timer who works long hours at two jobs. I think if people had stripped away all their “ifs,” “ands,” and “buts,” they would have been left to face what is correct and just…. equality/parity.”


Kati Wright

Student Development and Success, ESL, NCC


“Great blog, Marilyn!  Thanks.  Relating to what you wrote, I was certainly educated and influenced by the email campaign of part-timers and full-timers who vocally supported part-timers.  I hope we can fight to make things better in the fall.”

–Recently hired part-time faculty member


  1. Colleen Harmon says:

    Thanks and appreciation to these faculty members for speaking up, and to Marilyn for giving them space to do so.

  2. Tony Hertz says:

    Thank you for having the courage to share!

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