The Part-Time Union at Allan Hancock Rocks (reprinted from September 22, 2015)

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(We thought this was a worth a re-posting)

Some of you may know Mark Miller from Allan Hancock.  A great guy and an amazing faculty leader.  I had a chance to meet Mark some years ago when he invited me to come to Hancock to add my CFT voice to the part-timers’ movement who wanted to form a union separate from the full-timers’ union since they were getting nothing from their full-time counterpart.  And, form a separate union they did.  This union, Local 6185, has made enormous strides in part-time rights since then.  It is due in large part to Mark’s leadership.  But, it was also due to the part-timers’ building fury that finally caused them to take this courageous step.

I venture to say that this union has been more successful in bargaining over these years than the full-time faculty union at Hancock.

Read the excerpt from Mark’s article from February of this year below.  If nothing else, read this:

The part-time union just won “an 8 percent across-the-board increase in pay

for all members of the bargaining unit over the next two years.”


By Mark James Miller

Noozhawk, Santa Barbara

“On Feb. 3, the Part-Time Faculty Association of Allan Hancock College, California Federation of Teachers Local 6185 and representatives of the Allan Hancock Joint Community College District signed a three-year collective bargaining agreement.

Some of the highlights of the new agreement include:

» An 8 percent across-the-board increase in pay for all members of the bargaining unit over the next two years.

» An additional 20 percent increase in pay for part-time counselors, librarians and nurses.

» A 50 percent increase in office hours for credit faculty, starting in the fall of 2015.

» A 25 percent increase in professional development opportunities for all part-time academic employees.

» Beginning this fall, all part-time head coaches will receive the same stipend for their work as full-time head coaches.

» Free parking for all bargaining unit members — already in effect since fall 2014 — is now officially part of the collective bargaining agreement. (In the past, part-time academic employees had to pay to park on any of the Hancock campuses.)

There is more but the essence is that this new agreement represents a significant improvement in the lives of the part-time academic employees at Hancock College (the Part-Time Faculty Association represents not only adjunct faculty at Hancock but also the part-time counselors, librarians, nurses, coaches — all part-time academic employees, more than 500 in total).”


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