We need it now

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

TBT:  I happened to run across this comment that I made many years ago when I was told I was too “mean” and too “strident”:

Why in the world would I have taken on the job of union president if I didn’t intend to win against management? You don’t care about winning? Be a Montessori coach. You want to smile and play nice? Be a girl scout troop leader. Want to get all that you can out of management for the betterment of faculty and their families? Be a union leader.”

I always used to tell faculty, “You only need a union when you need a union.” Trite but true.  And, right now we need a union.

  1. Jclorc says:

    That’s right Marilyn, you take the job to get results, not to make friends with administration. A tough leader will not allow his/her union members to be taken advantage of

  2. arthurshere says:

    Absolutely! Boy, do we need it now! :/

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