” Supreme Court Seems Poised to Deal Unions a Major Setback” –New York Times

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

The New York Times says:

“In a closely watched case brought by 10 California teachers, the court’s conservative majority seemed ready to say that forcing public workers to support unions they have declined to join violates the First Amendment.”

I have my own thoughts about this.  What are yours?



  1. Mark Tomes says:

    The litigants are claiming that all union activities are political, and hence, it is a First Amendment violation to force them to pay the fair share fee. My opinion is that handling grievances and engaging in collective bargaining for all faculty members is not political, and hence the litigants basic assumption is fallacious. There is a reason it is called a “fair share fee” – all faculty members pay a fair share of what the union does for them. Also, unions must have an independent auditor examine their finances and determine which of the union’s expenses are for all faculty and which are for union members only, so non-union faculty can elect to pay only the percentage of expenses that benefit all faculty. While some unions use a portion of their general treasury for political purposes (CCFT does not), a requirement could be made to find the percentage of that and allow non-union members to not have to pay that percentage, as is now allowed in the earlier example. Still, the great majority of all union expenses go to helping all faculty through collective bargaining, handling grievances, ensuring a safe work environment, etc., and all faculty should pay their fair share of that.

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