Editorial: Enough

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Does anyone care that CCFT has not posted Executive Board minutes on its website for over 6 months (since February 19, 2015)?  Or, that it has not posted Council of Reps minutes for 7 months (January 29, 2015)?

Does anyone care that the union has just gone into negotiations with the district and was prepared to do away with (that’s called a “take back”) a long-standing faculty agreement WITHOUT EVEN CONTACTING THE AFFECTED DEPARTMENT FIRST?

Does anyone care that the union president is a shill for management and praises the HR director at the expense of helping faculty?

Does anyone care that their union dues and fair share fees are providing no protection in grievances and in bargaining?

Do you care?  If you do, you need to come out of the shadows and use your time to take action to replace this faculty union and not solely come to me to ask for help. Even as I teach 20 units and was studying for the Bar, I have enjoyed volunteering my time for the past seven years in helping faculty with grievances, mediations, answering questions, going to meetings with you, helping you write letters to the union and management, being a shoulder to cry on, and spending hours on the phone, in text, and on emails. But, that does not fix the fundamental problem.  You voted me out of office because you decided you wanted a management-dominated union.  So, why do you keep coming back to me?  I am willing to keep helping you even though family, friends, and colleagues have told me that I should stop.  Apparently, I can’t stop when injustice reigns.

So, I will keep helping you.  But, you need to do something as well.  You need to educate, agitate, and organize to remove this union.  If you want to ask me for suggestions on how to do that, I will help you with that as well.

It’s a two-way street.  Takers must also be givers.  So, start giving.

  1. arthurshere says:

    Truly I believe that the only change possible is for you to say NO when asked to help and refer people back to the existing union with the reason that you were voted out and this is what they have left! You have a real life that involves so much more than helping people too chicken shit to stick up for you. The union gets their dues; union time is compensated. You are a volunteer who is met with nothing but opposition from the union who should be doing the work you do. I don’t believe their incompetence will come to light unless faculty use them and fail repeatedly so that the next time there’s an election they will think twice (maybe) about who they vote for. As long as you’re willing to continue working for them for free there is no need to replace the slacker union. I remain a firm believer in natural consequences. Just MHO. :/

  2. mimmsy123 says:

    Gee, tell us how you really feel, arthurshere. 🙂

  3. Claudia Harmon Worthen says:

    Great letter. I hope people listen and DO SOMETHING. Thank you for caring enough to spend your time making a difference.

  4. katflorio says:

    Recently, the counselors were going to have a change made to their contract (this would have affected other service areas.. library.. DSPS). Our union President didn’t think it was “that big of a deal.” Therefore, she never contacted our department or the other service areas. It was three days before she was meeting with HR, when we met with her on another, but similar issue. It was at this time that she “kind of shared” that HR was asking for “a small change to our contract.” We didn’t realize that the changes were being made at that moment in time. It wasn’t until one our counselors inquired further and found out that the “little change to our contract” was occurring right now AND that it was an MOU. I’m not sure if she is making changes to other parts of the contract without the faculty/staff knowing. I vote “no confidence” for our union President. Not just because of this issue, but because there are numerous other ones where it seems she isn’t doing things in our best interest.

  5. Jclorc says:

    If the union president is doing things unilaterally without checking with her constituency then we have given up our power to her and to administration.

  6. Guest says:

    Hi, thanks for all you’re help, and organizing this important webpage. Keep up the good work!

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