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SLO Tribune story this evening:

“Stork told the board that he erred in using official letterhead but did not intend to retract the letter unless directed by the board to do so.”


WWL urges faculty to add their voices in opposition to district support for this project.  Send a letter to the Board at  In the words of Arroyo Grande resident, Al Brill, in a letter to Board president, Pat Mullen, “A community college should be supportive of the welfare of the entire community, not just a corporation that makes donations.”

Letters by College President and Athletic Director in Support of the Phillips 66 Rail Project

These letters were written quite some time ago by two employees of Cuesta, yet they were written on stationery with the Cuesta College logo attached.  Official stationery should only be used for official business, i.e., in this case, a district-supported position.  Did the Board of Trustees officially support this project?  If the BOT did not vote to support the project, why are these letters written on Cuesta letterhead, making it appear as if they state an official district position?  If the BOT did vote in support, was there transparency and discussion on this important issue?

Was I the only one who missed this?

Someone will be speaking to this matter at today’s BOT meeting.