Required? No way

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


We all received an email from management today telling us that DE faculty are now required to “include all the components of the DE syllabus template within their DE syllabus, effective Fall 2015.”  This template, created by the DE committee, was endorsed by the Academic Senate Council on May 15.

This looks like an ambitious template.  But, per statute, faculty aren’t even required to have a written syllabus, much less one that is standardized.  And, Article 3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), “Academic Freedom and Intellectual Property,” further enforces the rights of faculty to teach as they see fit within the parameters of this article.

While the Senate may encourage faculty to use a particular template, it has no authority over what faculty do and cannot require this action; neither can the district for that matter. Further, the CBA, by law, trumps Senate decisions and Board Policy.

Our rights as faculty have been seriously eroding over the last few years.  Please do not think you are bound by this directive.  You are not.  Feel free to contact WWL with any questions. Stay strong.

(Update: you might want to check out additional information on this in the comments section)

Happy Summer.

  1. Ron Clarke says:

    Good information, thanks!

    Ron Clark Sent from my iPhone Please forgive any typos.

    • mimmsy123 says:

      Our pleasure.

      What may also be an offshoot of the above matter is singling out of DE faculty. I don’t know, and perhaps someone can enlighten us, but I sure don’t think that on-campus faculty are required to follow a “syllabus template.” If that’s the case, the same protections apply to them as well. WWL would sure love to hear from someone if that’s what’s happening in some divisions. I do know that at least one division “requires” faculty to turn in their syllabus every semester to their division, allowing it open to all the faculty. That cannot be required, either, unless bargained since syllabi have been established long ago in our contract as that faculty member’s intellectual property. We fought a long and tough battle on that one with the district. But, we won–we won a nationally acclaimed contract provision (Appendix E) on Intellectual Property that was a higher education model throughout the country. Now, it’s so much fluff.

  2. lcurtis2012 says:

    Thank you, as always, for offering faculty the correct interpretation of our contract. Much appreciated.

  3. mimmsy123 says:

    One more point: if management wants students to have certain general information, it can send it to them through its own communication and not “require” faculty to be the messenger. And, if faculty aren’t clear on their syllabi with points critical to the class, they should be able to hear about that on their student evals. Mechanisms are already in place to take care of problems. We don’t need any more directives.

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