Stop the Chain I Wanna Get Off

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

This email chain of the last few days is plain silly.  Some of us are hoping to work toward improving our situation.  Personal attacks on campus email are childish and unproductive.

Do I or does another faculty member have a right to write a public response to a union president’s or other officers’ public message?  Of course. They are in office, and many of us know that there’s never been a shortage of criticizing union leadership.  They have to be able to take the heat.

It’s a different story when rank and file faculty are blasted.  Like, me.

And, then a faculty member reports me to HR??  Come on, colleagues, we can do better than that.

This bullying needs to stop.  Enough.  Join us who want to fight for productive change for part-timers and full-timers. The furor is palpable.  The time is now.

  1. Mark Tomes says:

    Marilyn, you can either reply to the facts of the issue (which you have not yet), or you can continue to make baseless allegations. Your choice. What part of the documentation regarding your overpayment do you have a disagreement with, if any?

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