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Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

The former CCFT Treasurer hopes her reply to the current union treasurer’s unfounded claims will put an end to this ridiculous matter. Marsha kept impeccable records, and I believe in her.  WWL supports her candor (and, humor).

From: Marsha Robinson
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 5:22 PM
To: Mark Tomes
Cc: June Beck; PT-Faculty; FT-Faculty
Subject: RE: Re-joining CCFT

Hello Mark and any others who may be interested in or participating in this “Housewives of Cuesta College” drama.  There is no way this debate can be resolved.  I turned over all the Union treasury paperwork to Mark five years ago.  I have no idea how much of that paperwork was given to the auditor.  I do know that the new board at that time paid thousands of dollars to conduct a witchhunt which turned up a possible – alleged – inadvertent – $180. error. I will be sending my check for $180.00 to the union since I am the Treasurer who may or may not have been responsible.  Can we please stop beating this dead horse and get on with the business of education. Sincerely, Marsha Robinson

  1. Mark Tomes says:

    Marsha, it is ridiculous for you to pay Marilyn Rossa’s debt. Marilyn knows full well that she owes the money. You are not responsible. IIt was a mistake on Marilyn’s part and she needs to face up to it. Marilyn is the one who received the overpayment so she is the one who needs to pay it. Did she contact you about it? What was said that could possibly want to make you pay her debt? The paperwork is overwhelmingly obvious that she double billed and was double paid. It is offensive that Marilyn would actually allow you to pay her debt. Watch this: my prediction is that Marilyn will tout you as the hero and further disparage the CCFT leadership. You will be a pawn in the game. I am ashamed that one of my colleagues (Marilyn Rossa) could actually act this way.

  2. Mark Tomes says:

    By the way, there is nothing unfounded about the claim. Marilyn, are you willing for me to put the evidence for all to see? Shall we let the readers decide?

  3. Mark Tomes says:

    Marsha, your facts are wrong. CCFT paid nothing for the AFT audit; it is a free service that AFT provides to locals whenever there is a large change of leadership, just to provide a clean transition. from one group of leadership to another. In fact, it is also called a transition audit. Unfortunately, the AFT folks call it a forensic audit, which made it sound worse than it really was, but there were some folks who were still brewing over losing the election and they pounced on the term and made it worse than it was. Interestingly, the one anomaly that turned up in the audit was the fault of the person who was screaming the loudest, and is still screaming.

    If you still believe there is doubt about the overpayment, I will be glad to show you the documentation, again. It is so obvious. Remember, it was not anyone in CCFT who found the overpayment; it was the neutral, third-party, objective professional CPA from AFT who found it. We just reported it, expecting no problem in getting it resolved.

    I encourage you to not pay Marilyn’s debt for her. You are just being used.

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