Maybe it’s time to teach high school . . . .

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how Cuesta salaries compare to other districts.  Let me add another district to the mix: Santa Maria Joint Union High School.  I encourage you to click on the Righetti Salary Schedule link provided below.

This was sent to me by a Cuesta full-time faculty member who has a spouse working at Righetti High School.  This Cuesta instructor is at Step 22 and is making $78,000 a year.  His spouse (without a master’s degree) is at Step 19 and making $93,626. Their union is considering another 5-6% salary increase this year.  If that happens, this Cuesta instructor’s high-school-teaching spouse will be making a cool $20,000 more than the Cuesta faculty member.

And, you’ve probably all seen the great strides that San Luis Coastal and Lucia Mar made just recently.  My hat is off to them–especially to Lucia Mar who got the strike vote from their members and was ready to walk. They talked, and management listened.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a management-dominated union.

Righetti Salary Schedule

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