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In case you missed it

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

The former CCFT Treasurer hopes her reply to the current union treasurer’s unfounded claims will put an end to this ridiculous matter. Marsha kept impeccable records, and I believe in her.  WWL supports her candor (and, humor).

From: Marsha Robinson
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 5:22 PM
To: Mark Tomes
Cc: June Beck; PT-Faculty; FT-Faculty
Subject: RE: Re-joining CCFT

Hello Mark and any others who may be interested in or participating in this “Housewives of Cuesta College” drama.  There is no way this debate can be resolved.  I turned over all the Union treasury paperwork to Mark five years ago.  I have no idea how much of that paperwork was given to the auditor.  I do know that the new board at that time paid thousands of dollars to conduct a witchhunt which turned up a possible – alleged – inadvertent – $180. error. I will be sending my check for $180.00 to the union since I am the Treasurer who may or may not have been responsible.  Can we please stop beating this dead horse and get on with the business of education. Sincerely, Marsha Robinson

This email chain of the last few days is plain silly.  Some of us are hoping to work toward improving our situation.  Personal attacks on campus email are childish and unproductive.

Do I or does another faculty member have a right to write a public response to a union president’s or other officers’ public message?  Of course. They are in office, and many of us know that there’s never been a shortage of criticizing union leadership.  They have to be able to take the heat.

It’s a different story when rank and file faculty are blasted.  Like, me.

And, then a faculty member reports me to HR??  Come on, colleagues, we can do better than that.

This bullying needs to stop.  Enough.  Join us who want to fight for productive change for part-timers and full-timers. The furor is palpable.  The time is now.

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about how Cuesta salaries compare to other districts.  Let me add another district to the mix: Santa Maria Joint Union High School.  I encourage you to click on the Righetti Salary Schedule link provided below.

This was sent to me by a Cuesta full-time faculty member who has a spouse working at Righetti High School.  This Cuesta instructor is at Step 22 and is making $78,000 a year.  His spouse (without a master’s degree) is at Step 19 and making $93,626. Their union is considering another 5-6% salary increase this year.  If that happens, this Cuesta instructor’s high-school-teaching spouse will be making a cool $20,000 more than the Cuesta faculty member.

And, you’ve probably all seen the great strides that San Luis Coastal and Lucia Mar made just recently.  My hat is off to them–especially to Lucia Mar who got the strike vote from their members and was ready to walk. They talked, and management listened.  That’s what happens when you don’t have a management-dominated union.

Righetti Salary Schedule

The truth matters

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last evening, I received the following email from a recent, former EB member.  It said,

I know you know Debra but just wanted to ask/remind? You that her [that would be yours truly] great 3% stand alone raise was that state mandated equity pay for part timers that I believed you discovered?”

Unfortunately, for the sender, she mistakenly sent it to me; she had intended it to go to Debra Stakes. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

Aside from being troubled by the poor grammar, I am even more troubled by the knowledge that your union president has apparently been telling untruths (and, taking credit for the discovery) to the EB and faculty that somehow the raise that we fought tooth and nail for for part-time faculty those years ago was “State mandated additional salary to be used only for PT faculty.”  I have only to ask: what planet is she living on?  The only money that the state “mandated” was pay for part-time office hours.  NEVER was any money mandated for part-time faculty salary!  If only ’twere true!  We angered a number of full-timers with that move to help part-timers, but we believed we had to do it.  I would do it again.  State mandated pay equity, indeed.  Our bargaining team that took the heat about this issue should be livid to hear this.  We fought like crazy for this because management wanted to give that almost 3% raise to only full-timers with none of it going to part-timers. Management doesn’t like to give raises to any faculty but especially not to part-timers.  They believe part-timers are expendable and have said so.  Our current college president and the Board have said so in public.

As for full-time salary, full-timers do need a substantial raise.  In keeping with the parity issues to part-timers of across-the-board increases, however, bargaining can occur to give part-timers a higher increase than full-timers in a particular year, for example.  This can work if faculty work together–and you are told the truth by your union.