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Settlement Agreement 2007-08 Contract

From:    Marilyn Rossa

Sent:     Thu 5/29/2008 1:23 PM

To:         ftfac@listserv.cuesta.edu

CC:        ptfac@listserv.cuesta.edu


May 29, 2008


Within minutes of my email to you and the BOT the other day that the district had not confirmed our mediation date for May 29, we were notified that, indeed, today’s date was now confirmed. We met this morning with the state-appointed mediator for the second time on this re-opener, one-year contract.

We are pleased to announce our settlement agreement for 2007-08:

•    Increase the full and part-time faculty salary schedules by 3%, effective January 1, 2008
•     Increase the District’s contribution under Article 4, Section, Paragraph (A) (1) for dental insurance by $7.40 per month for full-time faculty.
•    Increase the District’s contribution under Article 4, Section, Paragraph (A) (1) for dental insurance by $3.70 per month for part-time faculty.
•     Implement the signed tentative agreement (When I receive the electronic copy of some changes to contract language/provisions, I will email to you)

Three things remain:

1.)   The District and CCFT agree to recommend approval of the above agreement to our constituency groups.  We will be sending out e-ballots to our members for ratification very shortly.  We know that not all members are around town or checking email.  If, however, we get a majority of members voting approval, the contract will be ratified and reported to the district for Board action.  We will plan to have the ratification results to the district for the July Board of Trustees Meeting.
2.)   I will report back to you when to expect your retro check.
3.)   And, last, but most assuredly not least, I wish to give hearty thanks to Ed Conklin and Lisa Curtis, the other two members of CCFT’s bargaining team.   Their wisdom and patience should be valued by us all.

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