Election Woes

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

1.)  Fourteen ballots that were submitted were not counted in the ratification vote of the TA.  They were not counted because they were not signed over the seal on the large envelope.  However, as told to me by the union treasurer, one or more faculty who improperly filled out a ballot asked for a new one and got one after they had already turned in their ballot.  If you weren’t one of those faculty and you didn’t sign your name on the outside, your vote didn’t count–even though your ballot could have been verified another way.

2.)  Also confirmed to me by the treasurer: He used the December 31 payroll information to determine who to send ballots to.  That means that part-time faculty union members who taught in Fall and aren’t teaching this semester got ballots.  He said the union didn’t want to wait until the updated Spring personnel list came out on January 31.  It “would have been too late for when we wanted the election results.”

When 2 votes separate an outcome, the process must be impeccable.  And, it wasn’t.  Oh, no, it wasn’t.


(More to come soon. I have lots of papers to grade tonight 🙂




  1. mimmsy123 says:

    We here at WWL hope to run a site that is transparent, honest, and brave. Consequently, we do not post anonymous comments. By that, I mean that people may use user names different from their real names, and we have allowed those to be posted as long as WWL has a valid email address from a Cuesta employee or other identified person in our record. In other words, we are not the neon yellow local Cal Coast “News” (sic). You have a point to make? Great. Then have the guts to put your name to to it. If not, then spew somewhere else. To “not sayin”: “Say,” and we will be glad to print your letter, ad hominem attacks and all.


    Actually, the time may have come for us to consider guidelines for comments. Perhaps it would be a good idea to only post from those using real names and forgo the protected user names. We’ll work on that. If you have any thoughts, send them our way.

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