Editorial: A much needed purging

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dear faculty friends,

Finally!  The non-progressive faculty have spoken!  They don’t want to receive our one-sentence email notification that we send out twice a semester about new posts from Peace and Justice.  I’m surprised it has taken so long.

This little “protest” seems so sad and so ridiculous.  For one thing, all these faculty have to do is delete the email. Don’t we all get emails we don’t want to read?  But, they want to make a public statement.  I’m all for making a statement.  But, it seems that their statement may be that they don’t want to hear the truth.  Perhaps they’re embarrassed that they selected a do-nothing union, so they attack the messenger.  I don’t pay hundreds of dollars of fees to a union every year for its effort; this is not grade school.  I pay for results.  Don’t you?  A colleague of mine once said to me that had he been told the questionable caliber of so many people he would be working with in an institution of higher learning, he wouldn’t have believed it.  Another colleague just emailed me about today’s display and simply said, “Our faculty are sheep.”

And, the funny thing about it is many will still be coming to this site to read the posts because the web address is public, of course.  This site is growing in readership all the time.  Since my post last Thursday which sparked all this, the site has gotten 425 hits.  The first day the post came out, it received 273 hits, 38 hits an hour as the website dashboard tells me.  Since the inception of this newly formatted We’re What’s Left, the site has received, as of today, 7011 hits (our records are always open).  So, that would tell me that faculty seem to be quite interested.

Another funny thing–today we got a significant bump in hits: 81.  I guess what they say is right: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Let’s see.  Who stands out on this list:

Faculty who were responsible for the unlawful termination of a long-time, part-time faculty member.

Faculty who were on the losing end of a shameful arbitration against another faculty member.

Faculty who are embroiled in a lawsuit.

Faculty EB member who had a Mitt Romney sign in her backyard during the last election and was called out on it.

And, conservatives. Most of them far-right.

So, if you are reading this, are one of the above, and somehow missed the clarion call to remove your name from this committee newsletter’s email notification, please send us an email, and we will remove you at once.

Because now we will not have to hold back.  Are you ready for the ride?  We can speak freely about issues that matter to all faculty–whether they think so or not. I’m hoping that now that the group has been culled, some of you may feel more free to speak out and join the conversation.  I was recently contacted by 9 part-time faculty, none of whom I have ever met, who were so very concerned about their plight at Cuesta as part-timers and asked for help.  They need a voice.  They have none.  No one talks to each other much anymore about issues that WWL takes on.

I would like to say in closing that I’m sure there are those out there who are still saying I am writing about these issues because I lost the 2008 election. If you think that, you’re pretty darn silly.  I have won far more than I have lost and always move forward.  I am, however, very sad about what has happened to the glorious union that so many of us worked hard to bring about.  It has all but disappeared.

I do this because someone has to, and I apparently have the stomach for it.  And, as some of you know, because I was no longer in office, I was able to do something I wanted to do for a long time–go to and graduate from law school as I continued to teach full-time.  My hope is to work with public employees who have been let down by their union and/or their employer and who need legal help.  I believe there is a great need in our county for that.

Thanks to many of you for your unwavering support.  Happy holidays!


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