Why, thank you

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today, We’re What’s Left surpassed its highest number of views in 24 hours.  Our previous daily high was 266.  Today, we went well beyond that with 308 views: 307 from the U.S.; and, one from the Republic of Korea.  We’ve gone international!  We also received a new follower today.  Welcome!  You can follow We’re What’s Left, too. It’s easy.  That way you will get an email every time we publish a post, which, by the way, isn’t that often.

Thanks to all of you.  This seems to show that faculty are interested in what WWL has to say even though you may not always (ever?) agree with us.  Truly, we’re the only game in town.  No one else does what we do.

So, take it to the next step.  Action.  I’ve been repeatedly told that faculty are afraid of losing their jobs and ruffling feathers and just want to keep their heads down.  Others tell me that the faculty are just apathetic.  What will it take to move the faculty once again?  Might it come with the next paycheck when you see how much less you are bringing home? Are you not in enough pain yet?

Educate.  Agitate.  Organize.  You can do it again.  Let’s talk.

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