Nohemy Ornelas Applies for Position at Hancock

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Cuesta’s current dean of Student Services, Nohemy Ornelas, is one of the two finalists at Allan Hancock College for the vice-president of Student Services position.  Second-level interviews, including a campus forum and a formal interview with administration, occurred yesterday.

You might recall our post of March 12, 2014, “Violation”  In this post, we discuss our concern, which we voiced to the Chancellor’s Office, that Ornelas was not hired at Cuesta in compliance with appropriate standards.  Part of this position includes her supervision of DSPS, a position for which she apparently does not have necessary qualifications.  So, she is appointed dean by the President; begins supervising DSPS; slices and dices faculty and staff at will, making DSPS almost unrecognizable; allows morale to plummet to new depths; and, moves on!

We hope her interview went well.

UPDATE: Ornelas got the position at Hancock.



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