We’re Here for You

Posted: March 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

We wrote before winter break that HR and the union have denied our use of the all faculty email list.  As such, it is very difficult for WWL to contact faculty on that rare occasion that it does, like when a new series of articles have been posted.

We are doing our best to reach you, by hand-entering faculty member’s emails.  However, many of the Cuesta department/division websites are woefully out of date, so we are missing a LOT of faculty, I’m sure.   It would be a great help if we had access to your division’s group email list.  If you could send those email group addresses our way, we would be very grateful.  Or, if not, perhaps you could post a note on your own division’s email group list every now and then to let them know of new posts on WWL.

We believe there are many reasons you might want to keep up to date with WWL. We were the first “news outlet” in the county to post the announcement of Gaye Galvan’s resignation from the board.  And, we are the first (I believe) to post the information about the new HR director (see below story).  We have some very good sources.

Our hope is that news and opinion here may spur some to action.  Perhaps our extensive coverage of why CCFT members should vote down the dues increase had a slight effect on the outcome of that vote  We don’t know.  What we do know is that we often provide the details, analysis, and history to help faculty make a more informed decision.  (By the way, we believe the members did the right thing in not approving that dues increase.)

So, hang with us.  Keep our web address handy:  https://wwl2.wordpress.com/.  You can check in every week or two to see what’s new.  Or–and this is the easiest way–just start following us and get the notices automatically.  We’re the only newsletter that all faculty get on any regular basis.  We’re here for you.

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