Posted: March 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

When the previous director of DSPS, Pat Schwab, resigned in 2012, Gil Stork approved a new position, Dean of Student Services, and appointed Nohemy Ornelas (an internal employee) to fill that position as an “emergency” hire.  While a college can indeed fill an opening on an emergency basis, after the emergency is over, the position must be opened up to the rest of the college and the general public.  This has not happened.  Ornelas has been in the position over a year and a half without having to face a hiring committee.

I called the head legal counsel of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and spoke to him about it.  He told me that, from the information I gave him, Cuesta does appear to be out of compliance and that an attempt to resolve the matter must be made at the college first before a formal complaint can be made at the Chancellor’s Office.

We have reported this situation to the Board of Trustees and the Academic Senate.  Nothing has been done to rectify it.  It looks like we are going to have to file a complaint with the Chancellor’s Office after all.

The position of Dean of Student Services should be opened up as the law requires. It is important not only to the college community but to the community at large that appropriate law is followed.

Cuesta may have received its accreditation, but that doesn’t negate the serious process violations that Cuesta continues to engage in.

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