It’s too important not to

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dear Faculty,

WWL is no longer allowed to send out notices of new posts to you on the Cuesta all-faculty email list.  So, we are accomplishing it another way.  Please forgive any errors or duplication this time.  We are entering it all by hand.

If you sign up to be a follower of the site, you will automatically be notified the next time we send out a series of posts.


The staff

  1. 1staide says:

    Do you mean to say that Cuesta’s administrators are so insecure that they are trying to clamp a lid on dissenting opinions? What ever happened to intellectual discussion? And aren’t college campuses supposed to be the battleground for such discussion? Sad…..

  2. mimmsy123 says:

    1staide: Thanks for writing. I don’t know the motivation; all I know is that communication has been cut off. And, I agree with you. It is sad.

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