Here comes another one just like the other one?

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

We have a new union president.  We wish her well.

We do think, though, that the union president should learn the contract before telling faculty falsehoods.

Why is it that no one in the union or in management seems to understand Article 5 of the contract?  The same untruths are being spread by this new union president as the one before her.

SHORT SCENARIO:  Suppose a division has one overload class available and two faculty who want it.  Both are qualified and have the same seniority.  Who gets the class?  What is the decision based on?

No one in the union has given the right answer in over 5 years.  You should care about this–whether it affects you or not.

This union president has just recently said to faculty,  “Management wants to be sure that they follow the contract, no more no less.”  WHAT????  The union needs to stop attempting to “play nice” with management and advocate for faculty.

And, I would also caution the union against playing favorites.  The union has a new VP.  And, just as soon as she came on, she and her long-term friend from Social Sciences, Mark Weber, put forth a proposal to pay them more for large lecture classes.  The entire faculty has received no financial gains for years.  It is not the time to reward special interests.

And, this silly key policy that has taken front and center.  The proposal that management has put forward is ill-conceived.  However, this is not a union issue.  It would have no place in the contract, and, consequently, is not able to be grieved or taken to arbitration.  This is clearly a Senate issue—shared governance, budget, etc.  It is a policy (bad one, for sure) that may be on its way to becoming Board Policy—but, not one that will or should end up on the bargaining table.  The issue should be given to the Senate where it belongs.  And, then the union can sign on in support if it chooses to.

I hope this new president will take the time to learn the contract.  And, that she will do what’s necessary to get a raise for all faculty.

President Debra Stakes
Vice President Nancy Mann
Secretary Mark Tomes
Treasurer Mark Tomes
Grievance Officer Victor Krulikowski
COPE Chairperson
Part-time Faculty Representative
Communications Chairperson
Council Liaison Tom Patchell
Council Liaison Cynthia Wilshusen
Part-time Faculty Council Liaison Cynthia Wilshusen

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