CCFT on the brink of bankruptcy?

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow, August 29, 2013, the union Council of Representatives will be considering what CCFT calls “CCFT Solvency Scenarios.”  What?  Yes, the union is seriously in the red.

Allison Merzon and Mark Tomes have led the union into financial insolvency during these last 5 years.  The financial troubles are not a surprise.  Look below at the shocking amounts of money the Executive Board has paid itself in Officer Release Time and Officer Reassigned Time (why two categories?) and to others in stipends.  One must ask: to what end?  The two basic charges of any union are to improve wages, hours, and working conditions of its bargaining unit and to handle grievances.  This union has done neither.  Faculty have received no monetary benefits at all from this union .  Nor, has the union handled the serious grievances that have come before them.  The faculty who had these grievances waived representation from the union and came to yours truly for assistance.  We were happy to volunteer our time to help.  Others were forced to bring their grievances to court–at their own huge expense.

If this weren’t so serious and so sad, one might chuckle at line item (A): “Disaffiliation from AFT, CFT, CLF, TCCLC.”  This is something We’re What’s Left has been urging since 2008: disaffiliate from CFT and join the CCCI (California Community College Independents) (  We continue to urge that move and get faculty leadership that will set the union on the right course again.

The prior union kept within the 1.2 reassigned time paid for by the district (80% of it to the president who was also chief negotiator).  The stipends (E) are for the most part unnecessary and unwise.  Faculty can count these hours toward their contractual governance/committee time or flex.  But, even with all these financial perks, the union can barely get anyone to agree to be on the Executive Board.

As a first step, tell your reps that you will not accept ANY dues/fees increase, that you will not pay more for less.

Faculty, it’s up to you.  You can continue to allow this union to go down the tubes and take your money along with it for nothing, or you can get involved for change.

Some faculty are afraid to write to us on campus email and rightfully so.  If you wish to send us an email, please send it to my personal email:

CCFT Solvency Ideas
Reduce Expenses Possible Savings
A Disaffiliation from AFT, CFT, CLF, TCCLC Total Expenses $182,890
(CFT Staff Funding) -$21,476
Net Savings $161,414
B Reduce Legal Expenses Total 2012-2013 $29,392 (variable)
C Reduce Officer Release Time
President/Negotiation Chief 80% 60% $20,000
Vice President 20% 10% $4,600
Secretary-Treasurer 40% 30% $9,200
Greivance Officer 40% 30% $9,200
Total Savings $43,000
D Eliminate Officer Release Time (Keep 1.2 FTE  Reassigned Time; All Else Volunteer)
President 80% $81,600
Vice President 40% $36,800
Secretary-Treasurer 40% $36,800
Greivance Officer 40% $36,800 District pays 60% CCFT does not pay 40%
Totals 200% $192,000 $115,200 $76,800
E Reduce Stipends by Half
PT Faculty Committee Chair $2,000 $1,000
Communications Chair $2,000 $1,000
Council PT Liaison to EB $1,200 $600
COPE Chair $2,000 $1,000
Council PT Co-Chair $2,000 $1,000
Financial Review $2,000 $1,000
Summer Officers $5,000 $2,500
$16,200 $8,100
Increase Revenue
F Raise Dues/Fees on Faculty Percentage Dues Income
F.1 FT Total Annual Salaries $12,700,000 1.20% $152,400 $0
(8.3% increase) 1.30% $165,100 $12,700
(16.7% increase) 1.40% $177,800 $25,400
(25% increase) 1.50% $190,500 $38,100
F.2 PT Total Annual Salaries $6,500,000 1.20% $78,000 $0
1.30% $84,500 $6,500
1.40% $91,000 $13,000
1.50% $97,500 $19,500
F.3 All Faculty Total Salaries $19,200,000 1.20% $230,400 $0
(8.3% increase) 1.30% $249,600 $19,200
(16.7% increase) 1.40% $268,800 $38,400
(25% increase) 1.50% $288,000 $57,600
G Implement Affiliate AFT Dues $51,449 4.00% $2,057.96
   Pass Through Language CFT Dues $126,762 4.00% $5,070.48
Occupational Liability Insurance $1,270 4.00% $50.80
CLF $3,733 4.00% $149.32
TCCLC $3,063 4.00% $122.52
H Other ideas: avoid USPS, off-campus mailing, posts on website, etc. (variable)

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