“Thank you to Mark and Victor for continuing to serve on the executive board. Both have clearly devoted a great deal of capable energy toward their positions.” 

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

From Denise Chellsen to Council Reps: “Thank you to Mark and Victor for continuing to serve on the executive board.  Both have clearly devoted a great deal of capable energy toward their positions.”

Under Mark Tomes’ leadership, the union’s treasury is in deep trouble.  According to Tomes, “the CCFT treasury holds $25,264.86 in it and is shrinking.”  The amount of money that CCFT is giving to itself is troubling.  The union president has 80%-100% reassigned time–without being chief negotiator.  For what is the time given?  What are the RESULTS?  The prior union president never had more than 80% reassigned time, which included her time as chief negotiator. You are paying more and getting so much less.

Under his leadership, several faculty members (no, most assuredly, not yours truly) re-joined the union in January, hoping to run for one or more of the open positions: president and secretary/treasurer.  Tomes and the union prevented these very capable faculty from running!  Tomes said that they they weren’t members long enough to run even though, according to the CCFT constitution, a faculty member must be a union member for 6 months prior to the beginning of the new term, which begins in July.  Remember, this is the new approach crew who ran its CCFT presidential candidate six weeks after she left her dean position. The hypocrisy is glaring.  And, you are being prevented a choice in leadership.

And, under his leadership, the union prevented a faculty member from joining the union.  First time ever.


Under Victor Krulikowski’s leadership, well, nothing has happened.  In the last couple of months alone, I have been involved in 5 grievance mediation sessions with faculty at their request.  Where was the union’s representation of these faculty? Why have these faculty had to go outside the union to get help?  Why have faculty been forced to court instead of to their union to get the fair representation that they deserve and pay for? (See the grievance officer’s work in “Erroneous Union Information Can Cost Part-time Faculty Their Jobs,” December 10, 2012).

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