EDITORIAL: The Center Cannot Hold

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s a good thing to thank someone for the work done for an organization. Faculty leadership roles are challenging, often fulfilling, and sometimes thankless.

Thanking for effort is different from thanking for accomplishment.  But, even so, one can see accomplishment from very different perspectives. When, however, a facade of accomplishment is lauded at the expense of faculty jobs and working conditions, without regard to the pain suffered by colleagues, We’re What’s Left must comment.

This 5-year experiment, called the new approach, has failed.  It has failed more quickly and more completely than some anticipated.  That is only painfully obvious.  But, yet, the supporters of it speak to its “hard-to-follow success.”  That may be expected, of course, up to a point. It is difficult for any of us to admit we were snookered or made a mistake.  So, we cling to the very thing that disappointed us so that we, too, are not seen as failures.  As those capable to be drawn in by lies.  As those who believed that the new leadership was the right change.  As the new union president was created and used by the wrath of those faculty who were justly dealt with by the prior union for their reprehensible behavior against their colleagues.  As the new union president, sadly, was flattered by a wanna be philosopher king who was tossed off the team by those of us who figured him out years ago.

But, even that can be overlooked–if we were only playing a political game.  But, this isn’t a game.  People’s working lives and futures have been destroyed–destroyed–by the vindictive, corrupt, and anti-faculty actions of this union leadership.  How do I know?  Because the faculty with those problems end up on my doorstep.  I do what I can but without union authority, I can’t do nearly enough.

We should all be insulted when we read the below.  It is an even greater insult to those whose jobs were lost:

“HUGE thank you to Allison for her willingness to jump into the fire and lead a major transformation of the union.  She has an incredible work ethic, great integrity,  and a great analytical mind. . .  [and has given] years of exceptional service to the union.” (email from a Council Rep to the Council)

We will never recover these past five years. The culture of the college is forever changed.  The faculty who lost their jobs will most likely not be back.  The money lost by faculty will never be regained.  Deans and chairs will continue to act as one at the expense of everyone–except the deans and chairs.

Unless.  Yes, unless you stand up and speak.  Unless you become unafraid.  Unless you remember that we used to know who our opponent, yes, I said, it, OPPONENT is.  It ain’t each other.  We may not be able to get the past five years back, but we can go forward from here.  Think independent.

Let’s continue to talk.  Thanks to so many of you who have continued to be outspoken in support of your colleagues and to those emerging from the shadows once again . . . . And, to those I never thought I’d hear from. 🙂

  1. arthurshere says:

    Well said!!! THANK you!

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