The Executive Board Speaks

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

1.)  After our last post about the contractual requirement of the timing of evaluations, the CCFT Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Tomes, contacted WWL and said he didn’t realize that getting the peer evaluations in by the 13th week was mandatory.  Not only that, he was so sure of his stance that he had told his department for years that getting the peer evals in by the 13th week was optional.

2.)  CCFT Council Representative, Tony Rector-Cavagnaro, sent the following to union members yesterday:  “Sometimes faculty members are referred to by different designations and it can get a little confusing. To clarify the matter I compiled a brief glossary contain the prevailing faculty nomenclature (attached).”  While Tony was trying to be helpful, I’m sure, the only definitions of faculty designations that are correct are those in Appendix A of the CBA and have been since the beginning.  To alter the language in any way confuses matters even more and won’t hold up in case of any grievance question.

3.)  Once again, there have been faculty union members who haven’t gotten their ballots.  For this recent constitutional change election, faculty who did not get a ballot (not new approach devotees) have contacted the CCFT Elections Committee about this error and received an apology.  But, of course, it was too late; the election was over.



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