Reason #3 to consider going independent

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Says CCCI President, Rich Hansen, “CCCI dues are still ridiculously low at only a couple of thousand dollars per year, depending on the number of faculty in your district. The distinction is only between small and large districts . . . .”

Cuesta College Federation of Teachers’ midyear 2012-13 budget report states that all of our affiliate dues–AFT, CFT, AFL-CIO, and Tri-County Labor Council–add up to $103,107.71 annually which is coming from your pockets.  WWL has always believed that faculty should pay for services.  But, that means that services must be provided.  Services have not been provided to faculty in the last few years–not by our local and not by our affiliates.  I understand that one of CFT’s field reps is now on the CCFT bargaining team–to what end?  How has that helped your lives?  What benefits have we received?  Since 2008, we have paid more than a quarter of a million dollars in reassigned time to our local union, CCFT, in district money, dues, and agency fees.  To what end?  To no end.  You’re working way too hard for way too little.

Since we’ve started to talk going independent, more and more faculty have weighed in, some here on our blog, but most in the hallways, virtual and otherwise.  What do you think?

Maybe it’s time to lower our dues and raise our services.  Maybe it’s time to lower our affiliate dues by $100,000 a year.

[Maybe it’s time to check out California Community College Independents (CCCI)  Maybe it’s time to be part of this association of independent bargaining agents for California community college faculty and join Santa Barbara, Foothill-De Anza, Santa Monica, Santa Rosa, and Hancock, among others.  Maybe it’s time to pay about half (or less) the amount you pay in union dues and get results.  Maybe it’s time to bring back Richard Hansen (Math instructor at Foothill-De Anza), President of CCCI, to Cuesta to inspire and motivate faculty about what’s possible. Maybe it’s time for a real change.  Email the editor at with any comments or questions]

  1. Arthurshere says:

    I’m ready for something that works. What we have now is nothing.

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