Reason #2 to consider going independent

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

In the words of Rich Hansen, president of CCCI,

“The benefit of being independent is, well, being independent and being able to call your own shots. Everything we do is directed toward serving our local community college members and, at the state level, advocating for community college faculty interests.”

If you would like to hear more about going independent, send the editor an email at and just put “Yes, tell me more” in the subject line.


[Maybe it’s time to check out California Community College Independents (CCCI)  Maybe it’s time to be part of this association of independent bargaining agents for California community college faculty and join Santa Barbara, Foothill-De Anza, Santa Monica, Santa Rosa, and Hancock, among others.  Maybe it’s time to pay about half (or less) the amount you pay in union dues and get results.  Maybe it’s time to bring back Richard Hansen (Math instructor at Foothill-De Anza), President of CCCI, to Cuesta to inspire and motivate faculty about what’s possible. Maybe it’s time for a real change.]   

  1. 1staide says:

    Are you suggesting we leave AFT/CFT? Why? And what would it take?

  2. mimmsy123 says:

    Dear 1staide,

    Thanks for asking. Yes, that is what we are asking faculty to consider. Leaving AFT would require a decertification vote similar to the type of vote we had when we organized the union. Along with a vote to decert, the bargaining unit would then have to vote on what they wish to do: affiliate with another organization, such as CCCI, or vote to have no union at all, the latter of which we do not advocate–at all.

    • mimmsy123 says:

      In our above reply, we neglected to answer your question, “Why?” Faculty have expressed to me generally the same dissatisfaction I have about AFT. AFT has forgotten its roots, and, by association, so has CFT. AFT has become a highly paid bunch of suits. It does very little for the rank and file, focusing mainly on the political ramifications of its actions. Sadly, in many ways, it has become the Man we have been fighting against. Occupy the unions 🙂

      Long answer for your short but important question–


  3. Susan Marsala says:

    Now, might be the right time to consider going independent. AFT and CFT are not the effective organizations they once were. They keep asking for more money, and we are getting far less for those dollars. We needed CFT and its resources when we were building our first contract, and their help was invaluable, but we have a strong contract in place, and we can negotiate without their help or input. Given that we have had no raises in a very long time and that we probably won’t be seeing any in the near future due to budget problems, we should cut our losses and retrieve what we can of our money by not paying the state and national organizations.

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