Reason #1 to consider going independent

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

As a member of CCCI, dues would comprise a far lower percentage of our paychecks than do our affiliated dues, and they are more stable.

For example, association dues for Foothill-De Anza faculty are at the same level that they were in 2008:

FT:  0.60% of earnings

PT:  0.45% of earnings

This includes full union membership and services as well as membership in FACCC.

If you would like to hear more about going independent, send the editor an email at and just put “Yes, tell me more” in the subject line.


[Maybe it’s time to check out California Community College Independents (CCCI)  Maybe it’s time to be part of this association of independent bargaining agents for California community college faculty and join Santa Barbara, Foothill-De Anza, Santa Monica, Santa Rosa, and Hancock, among others.  Maybe it’s time to pay about half (or less) the amount you pay in union dues and get results.  Maybe it’s time to bring back Richard Hansen (Math instructor at Foothill-De Anza), President of CCCI, to Cuesta to inspire and motivate faculty about what’s possible. Maybe it’s time for a real change.]   

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