Update: Outlook Access to WWL Link

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is what we’ve heard.  Julie Hoffman, Senate VP, replied:

“Just to let you know, I  am the site administrator for our Senate group and I did not block anyone’s access to anything.  I tried your link from my computer and it works fine. I accessed my email through the Citrix portal, so perhaps if the person was accessing email from the Cuesta network there may be some kind of security block. Not sure what a “Content Advisor” is but it may be a filter  that the person has on their browser. Computer services should know if it is a network thing or not.”

Thanks, Julie. So, the error is somewhere in the system.  All I know is this: 1.)  I still can’t access it; I receive the same message, “Content Advisor will not allow you to see this website”; I’ve been denied access before, electronically and on-campus; I was able to access the link on Outlook through the Citrix Portal at home last night but not since;  I have never received this particular message before; and, both Mac and PC users experienced similar issues.  I thank those of you who wrote and said you had no problem accessing the link from campus; others of you who could not access it and still can’t; and, still others of you who hadn’t been able to but are able to now.

We all have experienced these kinds of problems–often.  One of you suggested that the problem was probably more one of incompetence than anything else.  That may be so.  When we were in negotiations some years ago, we often speculated about the district’s actions: was it malice, or was it incompetence?  Invariably, it was a mixture of both.  I still hold that to be true most of the time.

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