Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Cuesta Board of Trustees election may be over, but the aftermath is far from it.  As you know, on November 5, the CCFT Secretary/Treasurer mistakenly sent out a series of emails to the ccft website which had been intended for David Baldwin‘s campaign committee and the SLO County Dems. This action has sparked a firestorm of reaction.  Public comments at last night’s BOT meeting and elsewhere regarding the content of these emails appear to exemplify the seriousness of their impact.

The Board election was not close.  However, if I were David Baldwin (not to mention members of the SLO Dems), I would be apoplectic at the publishing of these private emails, especially on the day before the election. While the content of the emails was at times quite disturbing, the emails were written with the understanding that they were private.  But, instead, they were sent–on the day before the election of the union’s and the Dems’ endorsed candidate and with the financial support of the CCFT membership’s COPE funds, CCCUE’s COPE funds, money from CFT and other groups, and individual donations.

This is the latest, and likely the most serious, of the many errors of this type by this same Secretary/Treasurer. Additionally, CCFT is in major debt despite the failure of the union to represent multiple faculty in grievances or arbitration, which should be the only reason for a union’s debt.  Where is that money going?  Clearly not into your pockets.

We’re What’s Left believes it is time for the Secretary/Treasurer to resign his position with CCFT.

    • proudfaculty says:

      I haven’t read the email chain that Mark Tomes sent out on the listserv but I hear it’s pretty ugly. Can someone post it on WWL? I know that CCFT gave $5,500 to David Baldwin and David paid a professional campaign consult over $13,000 for “radio spots. I think that political consultant sold David a worthless bag of goods and took a big cut for himself. Bummer for us.

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