Let’s play fair

Posted: November 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today, as a result of an inadvertent message (don’t you hate it when you send an email to the wrong group of people?), it was clear that David Baldwin‘s campaign believes that opponent Barbara George does not support Prop 30 and does support Prop 32.  Wrong wrong wrong.  I just got off the phone with George.  She says she can’t believe that anyone could question her support for Proposition 30.  She has made it a vocal and a focal point of her campaign.  And, with regard to Proposition 32, she wore a “No on 32” button routinely on the campaign trail.  “Citizens United has done so much damage to politics, and to deny unions a right to contribute is just wrong,” George said.

And, with regard to the North County Tea Party endorsement, George said that she didn’t even know there was such a group in north county:  “I didn’t solicit their endorsement.  In fact, I was embarrassed by it when I campaigned the next day.” And, to make the claims that Baldwin’s campaign did in the Trib on Friday about George’s role in accreditation sadly makes it clear that the writer knows very little about Cuesta.

Personally, I have endorsed neither candidate.  But, come on, now.  How about fair play?  If you wanted to know George’s position on 30 and 32, why not ask her before you say the opposite publicly?  Why not argue the issues instead of playing dirty politics on another Democrat. We’d be saying this if the positions were reversed, and Baldwin was misrepresented.  After all, fair is fair.

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